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End Garnishments With Help From Our Evansville Law Firm

Don’t Feel Powerless Because You Can’t Pay

If you owe tax money to the IRS or state but can't afford it, bankruptcy can help.

Successfully put a stop to tax or wage garnishments from the IRS or state revenue department.

Garnishments are an end result of a spiraling debt cycle. Maybe you have defaulted on loans or have not been able to keep up with credit card payments. Eventually, unpaid creditors can seek to recover what you owe with automatic payments secured through judgments and wage garnishments.
What is left after paycheck garnishing is rarely enough to cover your bills for basic needs. At our law firm, we represent clients in cases that stop garnishments throughout Evansville and Southern Indiana.
Over the years, attorney John Andrew Goodridge has represented many bankruptcy cases for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 that helped clients put an end to their paycheck garnishments. If your financial situation has reached the point where garnishments are being taken out of your wages, it is time to seek legal help.

Stop Wage Garnishment in Indiana

Few families can survive very long on the amount left over after paycheck garnishing. The impossibly tight budget that garnishing creates can lead to compensating by doing other things that lead to even more trouble, such as driving without car insurance.
Stop the cycle before it gets any more severe. We are committed to helping you with debt relief and will work in your best interests to end garnishments.
Wage garnishments are a severe consequence of accumulated debt and missed payments. Creditors can take up to 25 percent of wages if they obtain a judgment and can continue garnishing wages until the full amount owed is collected.
Bankruptcy protection can stop wage garnishment immediately and in some cases discharge debt completely or allow you to repay in a structured plan over a three-to-five-year period.

Everyone Is Different

No two tax cases are the same; therefore, it is essential that you meet with one of our reliable attorneys in order to take the best action for your situation.

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Chapter 7 can cost anywhere from $700-$2,500, and Chapter 13 can cost anywhere from $2,500-$4,000.