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Are You in Financial Distress?

Don't fall into a myth trap during a time of need. Our trustworthy attorneys will properly assist you.

You can't always believe everything you hear on TV and on the internet. Let our professionals give you the facts.

  • Debt counseling and debt settlement companies you find on TV or the internet are almost always a complete scam. They know that you are in desperate need of help and would do nearly anything to get out of your troubles. Most plans that these companies give you last for up to five years, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy is over within six months of filing.

  • Many people believe that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy ruins your credit for years, but it really only has an effect for one to two years. Don't be afraid to file for bankruptcy because of what you've heard in the past.

  • You can't get a complete understanding of bankruptcy until you meet with a professional. Our knowledgeable attorneys will be able to explain everything there is to know about bankruptcy and your current situation. Get the facts you need in order to make a well-informed decision for your financial future.

Get Relief for Your Debt

As a debt relief agency, we will help you get a fresh start in your life. We can help you correctly file for Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13 bankruptcies at the proper time.

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Chapter 7 can cost anywhere from $700-$2,500, and Chapter 13 can cost anywhere from $2,500-$4,000.
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